Fathers’ Day | 2009


Let me be the first to say “Happy Father’s Day” to all of the Fathers in the Unites States and in Haiti and those who I met in school, at work or elsewhere.

As Fathers, we have today a dozen billions of good reasons to celebrate and also cause to think about our roles as Father – and consequently as Husband too.

I arrived – from Haiti – in the United States when the country was still perceived as the most economically and military powerful country in the world.  Today, the whole world and I are very sad to witness the free fall of a nation crippled by three plagues: a moral crisis, an economic crisis and a leadership crisis.  Worst of all, the United States are dragging with them several nations who have put their trust in them.  This misfortune did not come by accident.  In fact, it was clearly predicted several decades ago by the Bible, and many contemporary thinkers and the like.

 On Father’s Day, we should not be thinking about the world problems or the US problems.  We should rather take this day to cherish our children in our own caring loving special way.  However, the thoughts of what kind of world we are shaping today for our children for tomorrow just can not get out of my mind.

L'Amour paternel.

L'Amour paternel.

 When our first child came out of her mother’s womb, we acquire the best crib that we can afford to welcome him.  I gave up promising education and business opportunities to raise my son. My brother purchased a larger house. My cousin hired a stay-home nanny for the baby. My colleague surprised his wife with a larger car before the baby was born. Is that it? What about tomorrow when they leave our umbrella to meet the real world and ready to make decisions that will change our very lives and the lives of other generations to come?  Should not we fathers  – at least – “preserve” the good stuff that we inherit from our own Dad?

I’ve decided to publish the second part of my thoughts on Father’s Day today on the following Monday after father’s day because I figured, thinking these things on Father’s Day is not a good idea and might require another day on its own. While, we are at it; if I ever occupy the adequate political position, I think I will push for a new law to decree a special holiday just for fathers: maintaining “Father’s Day” on a Sunday to enjoy and cherish our children and wife and; another legal holiday the following Monday that I would call something like “Brave Purposeful Father’s Day” – so that while our children are at school, Fathers can be at peace (and no work) to reflect on their roles as fathers.

External debt is the debt of all sectors of the economy (public and private), owed to foreigners.

External debt is the debt of all sectors of the economy (public and private), owed to foreigners.

This idea may seem like a joke, a dream or a wishful thinking.  But, when you look back at the last quarter of century of the history of a country like the United States … and now with an ever rapidly increasing national debt of $ 11,342,734,351,973.14 as of June 18, 2009 … (I just can not finish the sentence – chif sa-yo banm tèt vire!).  That’s just the poorest country in the world!

It would require every US citizen to add up another $37,000 unto their existing personal debts to pay off their national debt.

Despite this fact, when I listen to the political decisions that are being made every day in the US, I feel like the US government is acting like a “shopaholic woman” who knows that her “sugar daddy” will always be there to bail her out.

Instead of minding their own business at home, where the problem is, they are getting into everybody else affairs and touring the world like Hollywood celebrities.

As a citizen you may say “That’s noting, I can pay my share in one year”. But, hold on. How many people around you will not be able to afford their share? You may have to pickup their load too.

 As a father, this is how this staggering number translates into. More taxes. Some more taxes. And again more taxes. Less; and lesser; and far lesser for you and your family to send your children to school, to pay for health care, … and less for your nursing home expenses, … and negatively something for your children inheritance – unless you have the courage to add into your will that it is ok to just burn you in the backyard as soon and as quietly as possible.  Who else do you think is the “sugar daddy”? China? Japan? The foreign oil exporters? Or those who just said “no more!”

Each of us may feel more comfortable with one answer or another, but the truth is what the reality is.  And the reality is:

 “The borrower is slave to the lender. When you are in debt to another, you enter into a slave/master relationship with the creditor.

 Think about that next time you sing or hear

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”.

 I say that in the hope that we the brave and purposeful fathers can wake up and ask:

 “What have we done?”

“Where are our children?”

“What are we doing?”

Theses three questions will make sense to a purposeful and brave father only after observing with me with deep sadness that our last three US President did not have a healthy relationship with their own father.

In fact two of them, presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did not know their father at all. Both presidents George Herbert W. and George W. Bush were sent far away from their respective father at a very young age for out of state schooling.  Therefore, like presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, they were both deprived of the instructions of their respective father.

 Furthermore, President Ronald Reagan [1981-1989] left his father’s umbrella at twenty-one years of age to pursue a traveling actor career before he became president of the United States in 1981. Exactly about two years after he began to lead the nation – as commander-in-chief – trouble with the US national debt started.

The Lion King 1994 | Dad & son|

The Lion King 1994 | Dad & son|

 We always thought that United States is a fatherless nation because our US governments consistently rejected the values of the forefathers of the land and because of the ignorant US Judges who are viciously denying the children access to their fathers. I think that there is worst to come after more than a quarter of century with five consecutive US presidents who were all deprived of the instructions of their own fathers.

 When you take my observations and add it to this famous quote from George Herbert [1593-1633] who stated:

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters”,

 it all make sense! Doesn’t it?

 “I think the problem of the United States is fatherlessness; and I think the only solution is with us – Fathers.”

 “If we claim our children back to provide, to protect and to instruct them, then I am certain that we can make another Toussaint Louverture or Abraham Lincoln:  a man of convictions, of courage and strength;  a man of fortitude who can set his mind on a national problem, withstand adversities and encounter victory.  Then and only then, Father’s Day will be happier!

 “Fathers, join the war for our children and for our nation.”

 Otherwise, do not complaint when you and your children join the rank of the losers – and of the slaves.

  1. I hear you brother. Count me in!

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