As they say …

I am a native of Thomonde, an Haitian entrepreneur, a business consultant, philanthropist, licensed youth sport coach and political analyst.

I am the Vice-President of FAEMAT – La Fondation Des Anciens Elèves de l’Ecole Marie Auxiliatrice de Thomonde – and a member of The Saint Louis de Gonzague Alumni Foundation.  I studied Business and Technology Administration at Université Quisqueya [UniQ], Haiti in 1992 and at Bay Sate College, United States in 2000.  I migrated to the United States about fifteen years ago to raise my children, to care for my young family and to pursue my education.
With friends, I co-founded in 1999® to keep ties with our native land and city. I am a long time member of KOREKTHO: Komité Relèvman Komin Tomond. and I have greatly helped to promote KOREKTHO philanthropic activities. I am a reporter or an editor at several news media outlets.

Finally, no part of content of my web logs, or web and social sites shall be copied, reproduced, distributed, re-published in whole or in part without my express written permission.

Lage aveti pa touye kokobe!



/s/ Gaspard Lafalaise Jr

+1-617-297-2787           US/Canada
011-509 36 71 44 88   Haiti

  1. mkg4583

    Keep up the good work on fathers, fatherhood and parenting by dads after divorce.

    • We admire the good work you are doing in the same perpectives. I encourage you and all concerned organizations and other citizens to contact President Barack H Obama directly by phone, fax, email, mail or in person – if possible – to urge him to take the lead in the restoration of American Fathers’ dignity before they can confidently return to their children to raise young men and young women who will have the capacity to bring prosperity back in the United States. Stay in touch. – /s/ Gaspard

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