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I took some time off my regular activities to re-start blogging on a more regular basis. In my web log, you will find my personal preferences and opinions, critical thinking, purpose, vision, and desires. My web blog is not a approval-seeking activity. Rather, it is a mean to communicate with my family, my friends, partners and other people I have an existing relationship with. They value or find some interest in my personal preferences, opinions, critical thinking, purpose, vision and desires. They are mine and may not represent those of family, friends, children, maid-servants or other persons or institutions that I may have some affiliations or relationship with. Gaspard Lafalaise Jr’s web log is a reference point for them. It is easy to refer people to an entry in my blog than to repeat or email the same thing all over again to everyone. Finally, my coach and mentors can check my personal progress as I apply their guidance and wisdom they teach me.

Do not put the cart before the horses. Do not use the content of my web log and think that you know me. It is not my self-biography. I intend to live a quiet, pure, transparent and godly life. But, I will not put my personal life on the Internet. Do not deceive yourself. If you know personally, my web log will be more valuable to you and you may benefit better from it.

My readers’ comments are very welcome. I hope yours will enlighten me and other readers or followers. However, remember that as human sometimes, we are too emotionally reactors. Because it hurts at first does not mean it is necessarily bad. And because it seduces you at first does not mean that it is necessarily good. When I read someone else blog entry that seduces or infuriates me, I print or email it first to myself. After a while, when the smoke clears and I can see beyond my personal feelings, I am more able to find the true and share my respectful comments. Those who seek greatness rarely find it. Those who seek characters, integrity, wisdom and the true somehow find greatness as well. Feel free to challenge my thinking here or when we meet in the hope to help each other and the rest of the World to become greater.

Finally, no part of content of my web logs, or web and social sites shall be copied, reproduced, distributed, re-published in whole or in part without my express written permission.

Lage aveti pa touye kokobe!



Most of all, let’s have fun while we are trying to understand the past, enjoy the present and harness the future in the limits that God permits.

Welcome to my web log!

and, Cheers!

Gaspard Lafalaise Jr.