It seems as that most of our life is preparation. Preschool is practice for elementary school. Elementary school prepares us for Junior High and High School. High School is one big training session for college. College trains us for career and life. Based on this observation, I think that everything happens for a reason. And when I widen my observation, I would confidently say that God is also committed to preparation. Several written and spoken media reveal God’s preparation for the end of times since He is getting everything set so that at the right moment it can all happen.

A friend asked me once: “Would you rather live your life as if there is a God and die to find out there isn’t or; live your life as if there isn’t a God and die to find out there is?” My answer was: “I would rather live my life as if there is a God. If I die and find out there isn’t, I would obviously be well positioned to fill the void.” When you live in a country like the United States for many years, you are exposed to too many events and things that can make a Christian doubt of the existence of God or of Jesus Christ for that matter.
When I was in high school, I was an avid reader and was passionate about all sciences. I was particularly for a time fascinated with the ‘big bang’ theory and the evolution theory. I spent hours in the library everyday and exchanged literature and other related materiel with my friends and teachers. I gave up once I realized that these theories were about to take me to a level that my understanding could not handle anymore.
When I became a matured adult, I can see the confusion these two theories can bring to the simple mind – even to the scientists themselves. I was myself confused for a time between what God says and what these theories are about. For example, God says that He created the physical world by His spoken Word: “Let there be … and there was”. Scientists tell us that at the beginning, things were very tiny small and then “bang”, they expanded, are expanding and becoming “big”. I personally think this theory is a ‘bang big’ theory – since the ‘bang’ arrived first … before the ‘big’. Take the evolution theory as another example. God says that He created man to His image. Some kind of “genius” tells us that through a process called natural selection, I evolved overtime from a monkey. Hmm..? Which view I would rather subscribe to? Hmm …? I gladly accept God’s truth – a millions times. Why? I always think of myself as being made to the image of God anyway.
The above two examples illustrate the danger for someone who is open-minded. There are a lot of people in our society who have a much distorted view of reality and they are seeking for other people that are open-minded to force their lies unto them. They go about their days looking for any available open mind to dump their garbage. I think life prepared me to take a precautionary stand against such persons, groups and institutions.

I have used the above paragraphs to introduce myself. If you read through carefully, you should have made up your mind about me. If you like what you see, I would like you to contact me: there is a good potentiality that we can be friend. If you don’t like it, contact me not, or click here.

Welcome to my web log!

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