Recently, a good fortune led my children and I to meet unexpectedly.


 I say good fortune because since the end of December 2008, a U.S. Judge Joan P Armstrong – Family and Probate Court Boston Massachusetts U.S. – issued a brutal decree that denies my children and I access to each other.  I declare that this decree is unlawful because #1 it violates the statute of the Massachusetts General Law M.G.L. 208 ss.30, that compels a judge to make decision in the best interests of the children and #2) it forces my children to go to welfare when I have the capacity to provide for them.  Furthermore, gathered evidences of the last six months only confirm that it causes more harm to my children than to anyone else.

If you do not understand the cause of war, I will explain later.


The minute they saw me, they jumped happily surprised from their seats.


My daughter – she was so beautiful in her blue dress – gave me a much tender hug that tells how much she misses me for the five prior months.  I do not recall anyone else giving me a loving hug for so long – and so good.  It was one of the most precious moments of my life that – along with the moment I hold my son in my arms the day he was born – I will never forget. I had so much to tell her but, I could not: she held me so tight …, so lovingly … and that was all she seemed to want for the moment.


Meanwhile, my son wanted some more closure too, but he could not find a good spot.  My heart broke down when I noticed that he was crying.  I untied my daughter from my neck to take care of him. I knew immediately and I understood his tears. I sat down calmly in an attempt to take control of the situation. And I knew that the best thing to do in such a moment was to remain calm and silent. I receive a much loving wet hug.


Any parent who has the privilege to live a moment like this can tell how ridiculous it is when someone put a price tag on children.  


I told him:
“Son, listen: Be patient. Trust in your Dad and continue to pray. We will be together again very soon. OK?”

I did not finished what I had to say that he nodded in approval and understanding – like he had already read my mind and my heart. I can confidently say that I know my children and my children know me. That is the result of my genuine devotion to serve them during the last thirteen years in accordance to the divine duties of the fathers. This is what it is to be a dad. I thank God a million times for honoring me with children.
“Be patient. Trust in your Dad and continue to pray” are very few words. But, trust me they carry a lot of weight. For the moment that’s all I could say to a teen age son. Deeper inside, it is a resolve: the beginning of the end.

A friend –  who spent a lost of his years on mission in Asia minor; told me that in this part of the world, man do not talk with their enemies when their family has been insulted. They evaluate the situation and make up their mind. That’s it! Just like that! I am not a fan of violence. My faith, the God I serve, my commander-in-chief Jesus-Christ forbids that I take vengeance in my own hands. Rather, vengeance is His and I was given divine power to decree God’s judgment on my enemies as I desire. After all without peace, how can I serve my God and my children? I gave the above example only to illustrate a point: man resolves – that is what we do best.

When you know that God delivers your victory, His handwriting is on the wall and your numbers are good on His sight, you do not claim your victory in a court room before ten or twenty people. You claim your victory before billions of souls across the Earth and the Heavens so that everyone knows who you are, and how you rage war. So that the testimony of your life glorifies Him who trains your hands for battle, your fingers for war and causes you to triumph. 

Everything set so that at the right moment it can all happen.

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