I think by now, you already have some idea about who I am and what my convictions are.  Everything else on my website will be orchestrated to reinforce my views; personal opinions, to give a few details about my decisions and upcoming projects and to help you and myself understand my attitude.

My life coach told me that:

 “Your attitude determines your altitude”.

You come here probably to learn about my personal trials and triumphs; or to know how far I will go, … or else.  There you are! Here we are!

“Everything is set so that at the right moment it can all happen!”

Mulan, (1998) Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Mulan, (1998) Credit: The Walt Disney Company

One may be tempted to remind me “Oh, you said so and so on your website!” That may be a true statement.  But people do evolve! And so do I and, so will my website.  I may publish something in the morning and may change my mind before I log off the computer.  Only God and the Bible are infallible.

Yes!  I wrote, I published it, it is there but; I also reserve the right to take it back anytime I want to.  After all, that is why it is a website that evolves as I do.  After my opinions have been matured, I may decide to write a book.  Even books change every few years or so. 

There is probably one thing I share with the evolution theory:  I think man evolves forward toward the completion of his purpose that the Divine Creator has planned, but certainly not from the state of a monkey.  Never mind!

I do not force my theory on anyone.  I do not think I have any theory on my own any way because everything have already been written or said.  I can only point you to the original source.

Mulan, (1998) Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Mulan, (1998) Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Have you ever felt like someone is out to get you?  This person would do anything to catch you in the wrong or use anything you write or do with good intention against you.  It’s all and more reasons to conduct ourselves in a way that is honoring to God and being faithful in what He is calling us to do and to be.  Yet, even when we do what is right we can be face with adversities.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

  I learned this chinese proverb from a kid movie that my children and I watched together. One of my mentors told me that

 “Jealousy is the price that mediocrity pays genius”.

 Thankfully, God will honor our faithfulness to Him – even when the world desires to see us fail.

As I stated earlier, life prepares us for a higher challenge.  I think it is necessary to complete each step without loosing focus of the ultimate purpose as designed by the Creator.

How one can find his purpose?  It’s simple, just ask.  I think everyone who asks question will find answer.  More questions bring will bring more answers; and more answers suggest additional questions; and so on.  Life is a school where preparation may seem to be an endless process.  For example, many asked me why I want to leave Boston after almost fifteen years here.

Simply put, I came here – to the United States – only to raise my son and to keep my children away from the U. S. welfare system.  Given the circumstances that surrounded me, I thought of it as a “Mission Impossible”.


Mulan, (1998) Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Mulan, (1998) Credit: The Walt Disney Company

Like many good responsible dads, I fought a good fight.  I went to college, obtained a B.S. in Business Technology Administration, and maintained the operations of my technology consulting firm that I founded in Haiti prior to my arrival here.  I raised my children without any public welfare or Government assistance (what so ever).  I sent them to private catholic schools without any aid or scholarship.  I met great people here, some of them become my business or life mentors and, I think I will value their guidance for a very long time for future projects and challenges that I am willing to take on next.  I am blessed in many other ways also. But, like a good soldier, after I have completed my mission, I must say to myself: 

 “It’s time to go back home!”

Do I like it here?  Yes! I am not leaving indefinitely any way.  I may come back to the United States again in the future if I feel a need for it.  For now, I think I must leave first:  it’s just the best thing to do;

 “A good soldier knows when it’s time to regroup.”

 In essence, like John Fitzgerald said:

 “We have to regroup and get ourselves in the best shape we can for tomorrow

– or for the next challenge. 

Like I explained earlier, every school prepares you for the next. Can you imagine what would happen, if I did not move on after preschool or after elementary school graduation? I would still be there. 

 So, everything is set so that at the right moment it can all happen!

In 2001, I went trough a bitter separation that I did not anticipate. It went on for many years.  After many failed attempts for reconciliation, I finalized the divorce in 2006.  It took me a while to learn to forgive, to release, and to let go of anger, sadness, bitterness, and loneliness. I asked God to remove all feelings of resentment, betrayal, embarrassment, and loneliness from my heart and from my mind.  I rebuilt my worth and significance based on purpose and visions for a bright and better future for myself, my children and family and friends. 


Ransom (1996 film) Credit: The Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group

Ransom (1996 film) Credit: The Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group

Today, I take one day at a time.  I take responsibility for my own life and my feelings.  I laugh at yesterday for I am confident about tomorrow.  The challenges before prepare me for this one.  Each victory builds me up for the next challenge.   Adversities sharpen my sword.

When my kids were smaller, I read several carefully selected books for them.  Like many good responsible fathers, I worked very hard to make ends meet.  When I was too tired to finish the book that I was reading for them I skept a few pages to … “The End!”.  But, my kids do not sleep when I read for them.   So, they would not take it just like that.  I had to beg them for mercy so that they can let me finish the story another day.

Now, they are all bigger kids.  They can read by themselves.  So, it is with pleasure to listen to my kid when he reads me a chapter of the Book of Judges  – our favorite.  And, I say to myself:

“Everything is set so that at the right moment it can all happen!”

The story continues here.

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