In the United States, single mothers with the complicity of U.S. judge are attacking their own children with a deadly weapon of mass destruction: Falsehood to orchestrate abandonment by the father.

They are sewing the seeds of the institutionalized American fatherlessness, and US political leaders fall fo it!

If you are my friend, then – obviously – you know me. If not, I might tell you that I love my children very much. Instead, what if I say to you:

 “I will never withdraw my presence and support from my children; renege on my duties, responsibilities, and obligations as father; I will never betray my covenant or commitment to provide, protect and instruct them.”

You may think: “Well, Gaspard! That’s a pretty strong statement”.  My family and friends would not have any problem to believe me, especially after fourteen years where they have seen how I devotedly serve them and courageously fulfill my father’s roles in their life.  In fact, many admire me for my genuine commitment to my father’s roles.

Life would be so simple and so easy if we could only wake up every morning, mind our own business and sail through it.  Unfortunately, the reality is far away from all our wishes.  The same way gold is tested by fire; a father’s convictions, courage, strength and love are tested by trials.

Like fire purifies gold, trials sharpen a man.

"Instead, I'm offering this money as a reward on your head. Dead or alive, it doesn't matter"

"Instead, I'm offering this money as a reward on your head. Dead or alive, it doesn't matter"

You must already know that a U.S. Judge:  Joan P Armstrong – from the Boston/Suffolk Probate and Family Court – issued in December 2008 a brutal degree that denied my children and I access to each other.  That is what the mother petitioned for and that’s what she got. Anyone would reasonably expect that she should be satisfied and happier six months after her successful enterprise.

If someone wants a man’s house and then he forces his way to get it. The perpetrator should be satisfied of his successful endeavor – in spite of the pains, sufferings and distresses brought to the rightful owner and his family. If the perpetrator is not satisfied after obtaining the house, anyone would reasonably question his motives: he is ashamed of his malicious pursuits to make known.

Many who read my writing asked me why I see things the way I do.  I try to explain that some of my opinions and views come from personal experience of course, but most come from the insight of those who traveled the path before me.  When a single mother with the complicity of a U.S. Family Court Judge uses a court order to deny her own children access to their father, she puts her personal interests before those of the children.  It is easy to verify that.

First of all, she forbids the children to contact their own father.  If the father attempts to contact his children, she uses every excuse to restrain the communications between him and the children.  In essence, she orchestrates a whole scenario to make it look like the father has abandoned the children.

A single mother went as far as telling her son that his father died in a war in Vietnam until the boy discovered many years later that his dad was well alive and never went to the war.  Another single mother was furious when she learned during a court testimony that the children were regularly communicating with their dad all along via email and instant messages.

Single mothers and judges are deceiving our children and our society by sewing the seeds of abandonment in the mind of their own children. They are ignorant of the consequences.  Are they?  It is undeniably known that a father plays a key role in his children life, development and progress.  The feeling of being abandoned by a parent in general has the power to cause great emotional pain, financial hardship, spiritual misalignment, structural chaos, and confusion in the children.  The single mother with the complicity of the judge actually creates the physical, psychological, and emotional separation between the children and their father.

 However, they fictitiously orchestrate their vicious scheme as abandonment by the father. The devastating effects that consequently derive from the feeling of abandonment are issues that contribute to make the children miserable. The issues are inability to trust, manipulation, shame, fear of rejection, loneliness, suspicion, addictions, codependency, and a host of other maladaptive sets of behavior that will interfere with the children’s ability to foster healthy and loving relationships. This is how many single mothers deliberately orchestrate the destruction of their own children and make them their prey and victimize them.

Brave purposefull Fathers who love their children will obviously protect them.  What it cost to protect them is the price paid.  Often, the price is the cost of victory over their enemies.  Consequently, if you do not want to join the war, then you should not be complaining when you loose the war.

“A person who is conscious of being in the wrong is usually a coward. But, a man who knows that he is right can withstand a multitude, and he enters the conflict without fear.”

I could tell you:

  1. I love my children very much”;
  2.  “I will never withdraw my presence and support from my children; renege on my duties, responsibilities, and obligations as a father”;
  3. “I will never betray my covenant or commitment to provide, protect and instruct them.”

Which statement will you feel more comfortable with?

Well, it does not matter what I say because,

“Having my armor on, I am ready for war.”

Bring it on!

To be continued here …

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